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Author's Portfolio

Below is all my published writing to date. My published writings include 3D tutorials, poetry and lifestyle articles. I have written for several publications over the last 3 years, including exclusive pieces for prestigious websites and newspapers.

I hold a First Class English Literature BA degree from the University of Reading, which has greatly assisted me in writing all the following pieces.

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The SPARK Newspaper Articles

While studying at the University of Reading 2017-2020, I wrote two articles and one poem for The SPARK Newspaper. I owe my love for writing to The SPARK Newspaper, as it was the first opportunity I had to consider writing as a hobby or career. Essentially, this is where my writing journey began, and thanks to my English Literature degree, I now feel like a competent writer for the first time. All articles are written under the name Rhiannon Ford.

PLEASE NOTE: These articles have since been deleted, and so the links run through the Wayback Machine or though new uploads. These pages may be slow to load.

The Kind of Love (Poem) (2018)

This is my debut poem released in the Creative Corner of the Spark Newspaper Online Website. The Creative Corner has since been removed from the site, however it is still accessible through the Wayback Machine.

Why Social Media Is Not Killing Our Social Lives (2018)

This article is a response article to those who are convinced that social media is bad for people. It addresses the issue through the lense of long distance relationships and long distance friendships. This article was originally published on the Spark Newspaper Online website, but has since been removed.

Anxiety (2018)

This was my first piece of written work made for The Spark! This article outlines my experiences living with an anxiety disorder at University. It was published in the physical newspaper rather than on the website, and so the link will take you to the scanned version of the article.

DeviantART Journal Entires

These journal entries are early personal writings about MMD Culture. Some of these articles are to be revamped and posted on LearnMMD in the future. All articles are written under Chestnutscoop.

[NEW] Improve SEO in MMD: How to Get Your Art Noticed! (2021)

This journal outlines my personal tips for marketing MMD artwork on DeviantART and Twitter, as well as in different languages and personal portfolios.

Tips for Starting MMD (Creation Version) (2020)

This journal outlines my personal tips for succeeding in creating MMD art, aimed at new artists.

Tips for Starting MMD (Marketing Version) (2020)

This journal outlines my personal tip for succeeding in marketing MMD art across several platforms, but mostly focussing on DeviantART. Aimed at new artists.

A Guide to Crediting in MMD (2020)

This journal takes the form of a tutorial instructing MMDers how to credit their assets properly. Aimed at all artists.

Author's Portfolio: List

Other Works

The following written works have not been formally published. The reasons are detailed in the individual descriptions. All articles are written under Rhiannon Ford.

The Mare (2019)

This poem was written for the University of Reading's Creative Arts Anthology 2020, however due to COVID-19 the book was not published.

Laughter is Healing (2019)

This website was created as my final project for my #MeToo module in 3rd Year English Literature BA. This website was built before I knew about SEO.

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