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The ChestnutxStylc Avanna Project

This is an extended project to complete Stylc's Public-Beta Avanna model. This project requires updating textures, completing skeleton rigging, physics rigging and remodelling certain model subsets. The changes to the model will reflect AkiGlancy's original concept art for Zero-G's Vocaloid Avanna


The model will be uploaded for free public download when completed, and advertised in an original PV that uses Avanna's official voicebank. 

Currently, this project aims to be completed in early 2021. This project requires me to learn many new skills in PMXe, but progress is steadily being made. Updates are posted on my Twitter

I am updating and distributing this model for free, and so I would appreciate any monetary support. You can donate to my coffee page below.

Current Progress

Body and Rigging

Concept Art


Stylc's Beta


My Edit


The biggest addition to the body mesh of the model is the string corset in the middle of the dress. The strings use the texture of the top of the corset, but may be retextured in the future. A rough clover has also been added but remains untextured and unrigged to the breast area. The clover may be replaced with texture entirely in the future.

The waste rings have been resized to match the concept art, however they will have a morph to make them as small as the beta version. Both the waist rings and the bracelets have been independently rigged, meaning they can be posed in any way around the model.

Future body and rigging features will include:

   •Physics on the skirt, waist rings, bracelets and cape. Physics may be added to the hair

   •Wrist twist bones

   •Remodelled sapphires with a higher poly count

   •A morph to change the model outline to black or red

*all spheres are currently removed from my model to make the model building easier. Spheres will be added further into development*


Concept Art


Stylc's Beta


My Edit


Currently, only the face textures have been edited. The eye texture has been completely replaced to reflect the blue eye in AkiGlancy's concept art. The base of the eye comes from the texture of the belt sapphire, and the rest was drawn on top in photoshop. 

I have removed the red skin around the eye for now, it may come back in a later version as a morph. I have added some rough freckles, however the face texture is extremely small compared to modern models which makes the freckles look very low resolution. This will be fixed by expanding the face texture and remapping it, or by layering a separate freckle texture on top of the facial mesh. I have not yet added a blush texture for this reason. I also want to add more realistic freckles in a different morph across the nose and up the forehead and cheeks.

I have repainted the lips a redder colour, which was for the purposes of a public WIP. I will add morphs to make the lips nude, red and disappear, to reflect the concept art.

I have added a noseline similar to ones that Tda and Koron have. The nose line is reflective of the concept art, however I have chosen to make it longer to fit the longer nose of the model. I have kept the redness on the nose as it provides some depth before the toons can be adjusted.

A rough eye reflection has been added outside of the eye texture and can move around the eye on the x and y axis. The eyelashes are currently painted solid purple, however they will in the future have detailed textures similar to Tda. 

A large number of morphs have been added to the face, such as more detailed eyebrow movements and general "other" morphs.


Future texture changed will include

   •A choice between Stylc's textures and solid textures the same as in the concept art

   •Better freckles


   •A choice of lip colour

   •A texture or sphere to reflect the white highlights in the hair

   •Change the belt outline to gold, as in the concept art

*all spheres are currently removed from my model to make the model building easier. Spheres will be added further into development*

Early Render Comparison

.:Found You:. (2015)


.:Found You:. (2020 Early WIP)

avanna preview.png

.:Found You:. is an art piece I made in 2015 using GreenerShader, among other effects. It was later used as the digital cover at to Songs of Gaia, released by Vocallective Records.

The second WIP was rendered mid 2020 using NCHLShader2. The final artwork will not be released until the model has finished construction. The final piece will also use raycast instead of NCHLShader2.

The second version will showcase the skills that I have developed over the last 5 years. The second image is a very early WIP, as it only contains NCHLShaders, CheapLens and z_LeafLight. I have improved the posing of the model and the tree, while keeping the camera and concept the same.

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