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Here you can contact me with any questions, commissions, requests or offers. Any languages acceptable, however please use English if possible

I have additional platforms that do involve my 3D artistic endeavours which are not exclusive such as my Spotify, Steam and YouTube. I am chestnutscoop under all these sites.

Contact + Platforms: List

Contact + Platforms


Here you can access all of my art and downloads, plus exclusive behind-the-scenes info about each piece and how it should be used. For English speakers.


Here is the first line of contact for any of my projects, including writing, art and asset downloads. For both English and Japanese speakers, however I mostly speak English here.


Here is where I host all of my downloads. For both English and Japanese Speakers.


Here you can access my art and asset downloads. For Japanese speakers


Here is where you can best view me if you wish to contact me for paid work, be it acting, writing or art based. For English speakers.


Here you can view information about my acting, writing and emotive art pieces, as well as my photography. For English speakers mainly

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