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:Glow Series:

The :Glow Series: is an ongoing collection of assets created around the theme of 'glow'. The :Glow Series: began at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, and will continue until life goes back to 'normal'. It represents hope in uncertain times, the light in the darkness. All assets are 100% original.

Move your cursor over an image to see it in full view. Click on an image for more specific details on each asset

LED Hula Hoop

Effect Requirements

Every :Glow Series: asset relies on glowing effects such as AutoLuminous4, emissive raycast shaders or ObjectLuminous mods to function as intended. 

In order for the asset to give off a realistic glow without a system effect such as raycast or ikPolish, light sources such as PostPointLight and PanelLight are required. AutoLuminous and ObjectLuminous are not light sources, and so do not create their own light outside of the object glow, meaning that light will not hit the surrounding models or environment without a second effect. 

I highly recommend using a system effect such as raycast/ikPolish with these assets, especially for videos where light source shaders can be used instead of PostPointLight. For example, using RectangleLight from raycast and PL_PanelLight from ikPolishShader and placing it inside of the cube but close to the surface will render a square light, whereas PostPointLight renders a spherical one. You can also use the emissive fixed colour materials, as they are a glow effect and a light source. 

Other lighting effects such as LightBloom, ToneMap, Spotlight 2.0 and ExcellentShadow2 can assist the asset to emit a certain light. Effects such as a softer light with LightBloom, a stronger light with ToneMap and Spotlight 2.0 and ExcellentShadow2 makes shadows darker and more defined.

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