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The MikuMikuEffect DeviantART Group

The MikuMikuEffect DeviantART Group provides a place for MMD Deviants to feature their artwork or effects. With 600+ members, MikuMikuEffect is one of the biggest active groups on DeviantART, and is the #1 largest MME specific group


Art by YamiMori

The MikuMikuEffect DeviantART group was originally founded by me on January 3rd 2020. The group was designed to replace MMD-Effects, a DeviantART group which would replace MMD-Effects (which I officially contributed to) as the Founder of the group left the community.

MikuMikuEffect now has an administration team, made of three MMDers who all specialise in different areas:

Chestnutscoop (Founder)

Yamimori (Co-Founder)

Avadonia-kuro (Contributor)

The MikuMikuEffect DeviantART Group also hosts a public Discord Server! Please see information about this on the MikuMikuEffect Discord Server page


With a diverse range of Gallery Folders, MikuMikuEffect makes it easy to find the perfect effect for an artist's project. Our Featured folder contains important information that every MMDer should know, such as how to credit, how to market art and downloads, and the MMD Effect Collections. Each folder has its own clear description, so that artists can easily submit their work to our gallery.


We also have a Favourites Gallery to feature artists who are no longer active on DeviantART. This method allows for all MMEffects and MME-related artworks to still feature in the group, making it the best place on DeviantART for showcasing the best MME works the MMDC can offer. 

We now host a render contest #MMEContest!

In January 2021, we launched the MMEContest. Inspired by MotM, the contest aims to celebrate render artists by choosing an effect genre every month, and artists creating artwork based around that genre. Inspired by MotM, the contest also exists to help artists move out of their comfort zone, and experiment with new genres and types of effects.

The first contest is still taking place, and once a winner has been decided, some artworks will be featured here

~Follow the Admins!~

The MikuMikuEffect administration has a diverse team of MMD artists, from modelling and posing, to effects and full-rendered videos. We all bring something different to the administration, and we all have our own personal projects we work on while we manage the Group and Discord. Please support us all!










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