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Welcome to my Blog! (Introductions)

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Hiya! My name is Rhiannon, and my online alias is Chestnutscoop. I am a 21-year-old currently living in Yorkshire, England, and I'm an author, actor and artist. I've recently graduated from the University of Reading with a bachelor's degree in English Literature, where I focused on Early Modern Theatre.

I decided to start a blog so I can express my thoughts in a more academic way than my current writing platforms allow. You can read about my writing projects in my Author's Portfolio, but to quickly sum it up, neither my DeviantART Journal, nor my work with LearnMMD provides a space for the academic tone I love to write in. As both those platforms are educational for a wide range of people of all ages, languages and abilities, I keep my language there as simple and straightforward in order to help as many people as possible. Simple language also helps online translators translate English into any language, so I am also reaching people who do not speak English. However, being a recent graduate of English Literature, I long to write in the tone I was taught during my studies. I also want a place where I can talk about whatever I want! Artists on DeviantART aren't necessarily interested in my succulent garden or my views on the current political climate of the UK, and anything that's not MMD related is not suitable for LearnMMD. But here, I can talk about anything!

I understand for many of my followers on various platforms that this blog will not be as accessible to everyone as, say, my Twitter, where I speak both English and Japanese. To my Japanese friends,すみません. Until I can speak Japanese to the point where I feel I can effectively communicate my points, this blog will remain in English.

This blog will serve as an area for me to post thoughts, research and behind-the-scenes information about my work as an author, actor and artist. This blog will not be regularly updated, I will post whenever I have something to write about. I am about to hit 2k followers on my DeviantART, so my next blog post will most likely talk upon that subject!

You can subscribe to my blog by entering your email address below, and you will be notified whenever I publish a post! I also take suggestions on topics to discuss, so please let me know in the comments! <3

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