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By jyotishathodiya wijayawardhana; Odia . DOWNLOAD: Mali-kavadu-sastra Mali-kavadu-sastra Govinda-prasada-sastra Saraswati-prasada-sastra sahasra-prasada-sastra by Achyutananda Das Mali-kavadu-sastra: Mali-kavadu-sastra is the very latest book from the Achyutananda Das era. It contains a total of 551 poems. It is written for Pandit Achyutananda Das who is now the head of the Panchasakha era of Achyutananda Das. This is the final poetic collection of Achyutananda Das. It has appeared in his name for the first time. It was written by Achyutananda Das himself. It was published in 1993. It is not a reprint of the very old poems. It is the . The name of the collection is “Mali-Kavadu-Sastra”. This means the “Epic of . The work contains a total of 551 poems. It is divided into two parts. Each part has 493 poems. This means that it has 12 more poems than the previous part. The first part of the book is named “Bijak”. The title of the first part means “The Tale of”. The second part of the book is named “Japa”. The title of the second part means “The Canto”. The poems of this book are very famous. The poets of Odia have also considered them as their own. The Odia people have been in love with this book. This has been proved by the fact that many people have asked Achyutananda Das to write more poems in the Odia language. It is easy to notice that many of the poems are written in the nature of a lament. There are many verses in this book that show the deep love of the poet towards his beloved. The poems of the book are full of the feelings of the people of Odisha. They describe the joys and sorrows of the people

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~UPD~ Achyutanandamalikaoriyapdfdownload

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