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Below are short summaries and information about my current projects, most related to MMD. All these projects I work on for free (and sometimes pay out of my own pocket to produce) and will be available for free. If you would like to support me, you can donate to my Coffee page below, or commission me to make paid content for you. All proceeds are currently going towards my Masters Degree

Updates/ releases involving any of these long term projects will be posted on my Twitter

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these pages are still under construction

avanna preview.png

The ChestnutxStylc Avanna Project


The MikuMikuEffect DeviantART Group


Celestial Bodies

SuperShine Shader

Coming soon

The MMD Effect Collections

Coming soon

The Art of Gaming Radio Show

Coming soon

:Glow Series:


The MikuMikuEffect Discord Server

Coming soon

The MMD-Mall DeviantART Group

Coming soon
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