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Request and Commission Information

Please read the information below if you want to request or commission me for an asset, effect or artwork. Please read all the way down the page for essential information.

Request and Commission Information: Text


Currently Open!

Requests are currently open for:


   -Physical objects



   -Experimental assets (anything not listed above that I will take on in order to improve my modelling skills)

✰ Requests are free. If you have no money to be able to support me, please file a request rather than a commission

✰ If you do have disposable income, please read through my commissions information and consider supporting me through a commission

✰ Effects can only be requested, not commissioned. Artwork can only be commissioned if it uses no effects and only my original assets

✰ I reserve the right to refuse an effect request for any reason

✰ Requests may take longer to complete depending on difficulty/ongoing commission requests. Requests do not take precedence over commissions

✰ Requested effects and assets will be put up for public download where I see fit. Private effects and assets must be commissioned

✰ You can legally donate to my Coffee Page as a thank you for making a requested effect, asset or artwork here. You can also choose the amount to donate, so if you can spare a few quid I would be very grateful!

Please check out my portfolios to get an idea of the assets and other content I can make before asking for a request

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Currently Open!

I take commissions for assets such as:


   -Real Life Objects

   -Objects with a basic bone structure

   -Objects that rely on effects to work

I also take non-MMD commissions for:

   -Written work

   -Acting work, including voice acting

I do not take commissions (currently) involving:

   -Physical objects (objects that must use the physics engine to perform)


   -Human bodies (including bases and hair)

I currently do not operate under fixed rates. I will determine the cost for an asset after examining the reference images and finding out exactly what you want. The cost will be up for negotiation if you cannot pay the first amount.

✰ Effects cannot be commissioned, only freely requested

✰ I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason

✰ Commissions take automatic precedence over requests, so if you would like your asset made quickly, please consider a commission

✰ Commissions are private on request, otherwise other artists can pay to gain access to the asset too

Please check out my portfolios to get an idea of the assets and other content I can make before asking for a commission

Request and Commission Information: Text

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to both requests and commissions

✰ I do not take R-18 art or asset requests, including sexual content and violent content
✰ None of my downloadable property, including assets and effects, can be redistributed under any circumstances. My artwork may be reposted, but you must ask for permission first, and credit must be given
✰ Please be as descriptive as possible when applying for a request or commission. Including information such as reference images and clear details about what you want helps me out a lot

Request and Commission Information: Text

Donation Information

If I take a request for effects, I cannot legally ask you to pay for my service due to the terms and conditions of the base effects. I will only make money from assets that I build 100% myself. However, if you would like to support me, you can donate a portion of money to my tip jar! I try to make my services as accessible as possible, but I would still very much appreciate the extra thank you by supporting me financially. All funds are currently going towards funding my Masters Degree.

Request and Commission Information: Text
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