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Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium


I began working for SUPC and SUMS in December 2020 in what was originally a 2 week contract as a freelance content creator. This was extended at the end of my 2 weeks into a 5 month contract, where I took on additional work for NEUPC (North Eastern University Purchasing Consortium).

For SUPC, I focused on managing their Twitter and LinkedIn pages. I created graphics wrote the text for all posts, and marketed hashtags to gain SEO traction for most social media posts between December 2020 and February 2021. I also contributed to the marketing of SUPC articles on their official website by directing the SEO and readability.

Below are some of my favourite images and animations I constructed for SUPC. I used a mixture of Photoshop, Canva and Prezi to construct these images.

While working with SUPC, their LinkedIn and Twitter analytics rose by a massive percentage. The top table represents the LinkedIn analytics, while the bottom table shows the improvement of statistics on Twitter

SUPC Stats2.png
Twitter SUPC.png
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