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The MikuMikuEffect Archive

The MikuMikuEffect Archive is a website which aims to document every MMD effect in existence. It provides effect previews, effect information, tutorials and further reading to help artists easily find effects for their artwork, learn how the effects work in a render space, and credit the effect producers properly.

It is an ongoing project that publicly launched on March 10th 2021, and I (as the Archive Dev) and a small group of volunteers work hard to bring a new producer's effects to the site every 2/3 weeks.

The MikuMikuEffect Archive is the successor to my previous effect documentation project, The MMEffect Collections. This began as a post on DeviantART which simply listed every effect I could find in the description. While many artists found it useful, it was difficult to navigate, did not tell the reader what the effect did, and became confusing once effect mods where introduced. Thus, I launched my very own MMD Website. 


Each effect has its own box of information, which features a clear preview image, a brief description, descriptive tags for SEO, the type of effect and Choice Tags. I estimate that there are over 5,000 different MMD effects, and so far, only 129 have been documented.

I work on this project for free, and fund the domain and Wix subscription using my own money that I earn through freelance social media management and web development. 

As of February 2021, I also became a team manager and director for this project. Currently, I have recruited 15 dedicated volunteers to help create preview images and proof read my material before it is uploaded onto the Archive. I manage the team through a private Discord Server and a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. This helps us keep track of which artist is working on showcasing which effect. You can find out which artist made which renders by clicking on any images on the Archive.

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